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Your child and the choices you make.


        At Believers Leaning Center we know that the choice you make in selecting a school for your child during these formative years is a most important decision in your life. The school you choose plays a huge role in shaping the future of your child in their development. Our learning center offers an atmosphere where exploring, observing, acting and playing engage all five senses in our children.






     Believers Learning & Daycare Center is inspired by the Waldorf approach to learning. Children will be nurtured by a learning approach that cultivates imagination, concentration, and memorization in an atmosphere evoking a sense of curiosity, sharing, and reflection as natural learning tools. 

     Creating a homelike environment for your child has come to before school or after a day at school ensuring that they will feel secure, loved and safe. We want your child to know they are an important part of Believers and that it's their home away from home.

           "Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love,                         send them forth in freedom."         Rudolf Steiner



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Hi Parents,

 We have introduced Highscope Learning Curriculum in combination with the Waldorf Curriculum to really get your children ready for their school years ahead. Both of our curriculums are ranked in the top three of the New Jersey State guidelines. We are proud to take on the most advanced learning systems to better educate your child in a stress free environment.


Our Mission is to nurture, love and teach your child while they are in our care.

Homelike and Cozy!

Huge beautiful outdoor play area!

Learning through Exploring Nature 


Inspirational story ,Quotes ,moral, lesson,story for children,kids,parents,An  Inspirational story…..

A Child once gives a handmade card to his parents….

On it is his small hand print and inside his photograph and these words… “Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small – when I leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls –

But I am growing everyday – And someday these tiny fingerprints will surely fade away…. So here is a final hand print, just so you can recall – Exactly how my fingerprints looked when I was very small”……


Don’t wait to spend time with kids “when things slow down” or “when you get that big promotion” or ” next year when you get more time” …

If you don’t act on life , Life has a habit of acting on you….

The greatest gift you can give to your child is the gift of your time…

Reach out , Share, Inspire, Touch Hearts of your friends and family.











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Boy Painting - Preschool Learning in Glenwood, NJ

Infant to 13 Years Old

Before & Aftercare

Full/Half Days

Hours: 6:30am - 6:30pm

    Fully Licensed | Certified Staff  We Accept NORWESCAP Funding

Catherine Stone Director/Owner


Our Curriculum is based on the HighScope Educational System

HighScope integrates all aspects of young children's development. It uses research-based and validated strategies to enhance growth in academics as well as social-emotional, physical, and creative development.

The HighScope educational approach is consistent with the best practices recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Head Start Performance Standards, and other guidelines for developmentally based programs.