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         The first seven years of life are recognized to be a special time in the development of a child, so the focus on imitative and imaginative play develops the power of creative thinking, preparing children for later learning. It is in these years that children develop problem-solving and social skills. With a healthy physical development, an active imagination, and a true love for the world, children are ready for the challenges of the years to come.

Our Curriculum
     Our curriculum is designed to enhance your child's curiosity to learn. We teach music and art to engage both the left and right sides of the brain, helping to create a well-rounded child.

     Expression, Reflection and Rhythm are also a part of each child's activity. Young children respond to rhythm as natural part of the world. We build a strong rhythmic element into our program. Our days are filled with play, work, circle time, nursery rhythms, songs and games.

     Outdoor play will be apart of most mornings and afternoons; which includes nature walks, exploring and gardening.

     Seasonal activities enhance a child's feel for the cycles of nurture. Gathering nuts and leaves and planting bulbs connect our children with the beauty of our earth.

 Additional activities includes:

Music, Art, Science, Social Development, Community Awareness, Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Math


 Having fun singing at Circle Time!

Before & After Care

  Our Before and After Care gives children the opportunity to engage in social and academic activities with their peers while being under the watchful eye of our caring staff. Each child will be greeted with attention and caring when they arrive before and after school. We have children and know that some days can be tough. After school we will conquer the dreaded homework and make it as fun as we can. We will give snack time and let them reflect about their day. Then we will take them outside to explore and engage all their senses in exercise and wonder in the outdoors. On occasion they may just want to relax and take a little down time for themselves. We are here for your children; we are not just babysitters. We believe that those hours are often the hardest to transition after a long day. Each child is precious with their own need to be heard. We also provide children the structure and balance they would receive if they were in their own homes. Trust us and you will see how we can make a difference.


Snack Time Provided

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