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Believers Learning & Daycare Center


Happy Easter!

We had so much fun at our party!






Having Fun Learning!



Disney Week!


Happy Valentine's Day!



In February we always get a visit from the dentist to learn how to take care of our teeth!



We had a wonderful Holiday!



"It's our first Christmas!!! We can't wait!"

    The Light in a Child's eyes is all it takes to make Christmas         A MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR.

Santa came to visit us!!!





"Merry Christmas everyone and we hope that you have a very happy and healthy New Year!"

From all of us at Believers!

Time to trim the tree!


"What a great time we had at our Halloween Party!"

"We danced, played games and had the best treat"






It's our annual field trip to "Pochuck Valley Farms"!





"We finished our great time with apple cider and donuts!!!!!!!" YUM! YUM!

It's Fire Prevention Week!

Thank you Vernon Fire Department! 


Fun Times!!!!!



Happy Birthday Ms. TaliaJean!!!! Look what we did for you!

Look what we grew this summer!

  It's a Tomato!!!

"It's Community Helpers Week!"

"Thank you to our Firefighters!"


"Disney Week" at Believers!

Wow, we had a lot of fun!!!


More summer fun!!!!!!!



February 2018

Dental Week
Learning all about how to take care of our teeth!

Will You Be My Valentine?



  So Yummy!!!!!!!

                Believers Learning & Daycare's                    Annual Holiday Party!





Happy Holidays and warmest wishes

for a wonderful New Year!

Apple Picking at Pochuck Valley Farms!

We all had the best time!


Capture the Moment

Capture the moment

Follow their lead

Build on the wonder

Build on the need.

Look for beginnings

For reasons to know

Capture the moment

And knowledge will grow!!


Our Easter Egg Hunt was the best!!!!!!!


Look what I did today!


               Thank You to one of our fathers for playing his guitar!                         We love singing and dancing!!!!!


 "That's my Daddy!"

We are all having fun learning about how to take care of our teeth!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!

We had so much fun trying to catch that Leprechaun! Well, there's always next year!


Our Leprechaun Committee worked really hard building our trap!


 "The Leprechaun got away... and he made a mess, too!"



Our Holiday Party!





Our Halloween Party! What a blast we had!



It's our annual Apple Picking field trip to "Pochuck Valley Farms"!

Thank you "Pochuck Farms" for the fun time we all had!







First Day of School!

"Welcome Back Everyone!"



"Singing at Circle Time!"



Having so much summer fun!

Happy Birthday Party!


Cupcakes are soooooo good!





We are so proud of our new Grads!

"Kindergarten here we come!"





Earth Day is April 22nd! 

Earth Day is a good time to learn about the many things we can do to help Earth be a healthy place for all living things!

"We need to keep the Earth clean!"

"Look what I did today!"





                                             It's Spring! Love is in the air!



Happy Birthday Ms. Rin!!!!!!




Smiles! Smiles! Smiles!

Our Valentine's Day Party

Christmas Party











Our Halloween Fun! 



2014-2015 Fun!


2013-2014 Fun!


Halloween Party was a BLAST!!!!!!



We just went on our first field trip this year to Pochuch Valley Farm to pick apples and pumpkins!



We all had a great time! We ate donuts and had apple cider, too!



In honor of the time we have spent together and what the future holds, we celebrate with fun a very memorable 

"Believers" Graduation of 2013…


We played a letter game outside today!


We had so much fun during our "Wonderful World of Disney" Week!

"Look at us with our Peter Pan hats that we made!"

   Making wishing bottles!  



"Look Mom and Dad we are making robots out of pretzels and cheese!"


"Ms Meaghan you come up with the best projects!"


The Believers "Leprechaun Committee" this year is our before and after care children and they are busy developing a way to catch our Leprechaun!

Will they develop a trap that will hold that silly Leprechaun?



"Transportation Week" was so much fun!

Thank you Vernon Police Department!




"Fire Prevention Week"


"We had so much fun with the Vernon Fire Department!"





Graduation Day of 2012!

“Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner



 "Pardon me, I am going to be a Believers graduate one day too!"

The Memorial Day Parade was so much fun!



The Petting Zoo came to Believers and what fun we had!



The Believers first field trip was a success at Pochuck Valley Farm! We all had a blast! We rode on a wagon, picked apples, had apple cider and ate donuts. Oh! Can't forget the pumpkins that we picked!


 Jessi Paladini and Fran Boltz of the Vernon Historical Society came in to talk about Native Americans. Later we had a pow wow and talked all about what we learned.